Edge to Edge Quilting - Pantograph


Your chosen pantograph pattern is sewn across the quilt from edge to edge and repeated over the whole quilt. It produces a lovely textured finish to your quilt. 
I can offer you a choice from 1000s of pantographs.

What you need to do before giving me your quilt...

  • Remove all loose and trailing threads 
  • Press your top carefully, making sure all seams are facing the desired direction 
  • Don't put the layers together
  • If there is a 'top' to your quilt, please mark it with a piece of paper pinned with a safety pin
  • If you are supplying the backing fabric and the wadding please make sure that they are at least 4" larger than the quilt top on all sides 
  • Make sure that your quilt is 'squared' and that borders are flat and not wavy. If you need help with this, please call me
  • Sit back and let me do the work!

Custom Quilting 



Custom quilting is a bespoke service using freehand and computer assisted designs for those special quilts which do not suit pantographs, especially if applique elements have been added to your quilt. 

Custom quilting takes longer and is therefore more expensive. Stitch in the ditch, feathers, meanders, individual block design and borders are just some examples of custom work for that family heirloom! Well worth the extra!

Basting Service - Attention Hand Quilters.....

This is a great service for those of you who like hand quilting. 

If you prefer to hand quilt but want to avoid the layering, pinning, basting and sore knees, I can put your quilt layers together with large stitches which are applied every 4" and easily removed after quilting.

Binding Service - Machine and Hand Finishing Available

I offer two levels of binding service:
  1. Machine binding on one side. I can attach by machine, a double fold binding to your quilt. The binding fabric needs to be supplied by you. This will leave you free to finish off the binding on the other side of the quilt by hand.

  2. Machine binding plus hand finished on the other. I can complete the above service and then hand stitch to complete the binding process. All corners will be mitred.

Edge to Edge Quilting

Quilt Size Dimensions
Simple Pattern
Complex Pattern
Cot Up to 42" x 50"
Lap Up to 60" x 70"
Single Up to 70" x 90"
Large Single Up to 80" x 95"
Double Up to 90" x 100"
King Up to 95" x 105"
Large King Up to 110" x 110"

NOTE:- The prices above exclude VAT.

Custom Quilting 

Custom quilting is charged at £18 per hour + VAT, with a minimum charge of £50 per quilt. Please call me to discuss your requirements.



Basting  - For Hand Quilters

Quilt Size
Small Up to 42" x 60"
Medium Up to 70" x 90"
Large Up to 90" x 100"
Extra Large Up to 110" x 100"
NOTE:- The prices above exclude VAT.



Attach binding by machine - £1 per linear foot - You can then hand finish the binding
Attach binding by machine & hand finish - £2.50 per linear foot.
NOTE:- The prices above exclude VAT.